MIKROMIC MEDICAL S.L.. is a young and dynamic company dedicated to develop and manufacture innovative medical devices in the market segments of general surgery and cardiac thoracic surgery.

The Company is the result of the Alliance between 1) professionals active since 30 years in the world of the international sales & distribution of medical devices and 2) a team of senior engineers with extensive experience in the manufacture of braided steel wires at worldwide scale. This Alliance makes of MIKROMIC MEDICAL a Company with a high potential of dynamism and technological innovation.

In Mikromic Medical innovation is a driver and a core-value statement is “ Doing always things in the same way does not lead neither to better things nor to a safer procedures “.

Our facilities and manufacture´s process incorporates the most sophisticated and updated quality systems. Only in this way we can be completely sure of the safety of the products in the manufacturing process and thus meet all the regulations, certification and quality control procedures relevant to our activity.

Mikromic Medical

Mikromic Medical

C/ Rafel Casanovas i Comes 1, local 37A
08950 – Esplugues de Llobregat

Phone: +34 933 711 077
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